Starting from programmatic inventories, Rimix has extended its scope over the past years. It is an enterprise first party engine to connect varies BUs with multiple agencies and suppliers in Fuge’s industry level marketplace.

With 1000+ suppliers, Rimix has covered media resources (including programmatic, digital, and offline), Social KOLs, Digital and Production, Celebrity and Events.

bid agent

Guileme is an open application built on Fuge’s supplier marketplace. It provides categorized list of media resources and services items, along with supplier listed price accordingly. Information and contacts of suppliers or agencies are also offered in the app.


As a neutral 3rd party, Fuge help senior management team measure and improve the transparency and effectiveness of their marketing investment.

We have established a transparent marketplace covering media, social, and creative resources. By substituting intermediaries and eliminating mounting markups, we are able to cost benchmark your marketing activities vs accurate industrial level data. Through the use of our proprietary software, we digitize and analyze data throughout the campaign process, to verify the agency’s compliance with planned vs. actual delivery.
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